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Tibetan Dzi Beads

Tibetan Dzi Beads
By: Jenny Lin

For thousands of years, Dzi (pronounced as "jee") beads have been deeply entrenched in Tibetan culture. The Dzi beads, being Tibetan's most precious living gemstone and charm are worshipped, revered and passed down from generations after generations. Did you know that in Tibet, the ancient pure Dzi beads can be used for mortgage purposes in banks! As with all things ancient and mystical, there is plenty of folklore associated with Dzi beads. One legend has it that demi-gods threw away their Dzi beads when they became ever so slightly blemished, which explains why the Dzi bead is also regarded as the "Heavenly Stone" by the Tibetans.

Tibet, being the former home of the Dalai Lama, has always been associated with the mystical and the holy. There is no denying that the beads' very origins certainly lend it a metaphysical air. It is believed that the Dzi Bead has the ability to protect its wearer from supernatural "bad" forces. Many believers claim that donning a Dzi bead is akin to having an invisible cloak protect you from the intangible negative elements and energies. Evil spirits, sickness, misfortunes and sudden death are kept at bay with the presence of a powerful Dzi bead. Dzi can also balance the body of the wearer's yin yang and five elements, hence improves the body's immunity system and promotes overall health. Other reasons people wear Dzi beads include to usher in greater wealth, for spiritual enlightenment and even just as an aid in enhancing a feeling of calm within oneself.

The mysterious Dzi beads are shiny stone beads that often feature a universally recognized pattern, usually that of 'eyes', circles, squares or certain stripes and wave patterns. There are also some pieces that boast some rare patterns and are equally potent in their protective powers such as one that has the silhouette of the Goddess of Mercy Kwan Yin outlined on the bead. The different patterns found on the surface of the Dzi beads all serve a different purpose.

One-eyed Dzi beads are generally meant to promote brilliance and growth in wisdom while a 13-eyed Dzi will promote tranquility and serenity. A 21-eyed Dzi is believed to help fulfill all your wishes and enhance fame and recognition luck. It also gives you strength and courage to face all obstacles and problems. For the savvy businessman, the three-eyed Dzi will also certainly serve you well as it is said to help in bringing prosperity and wealth. A 15-eyed Dzi imparts the wearer with Heaven's Luck. Someone with lots of Heaven Luck will enjoy smooth sailing and unobstructed ride in whatever endeavors. Opportunities, windfall, and good business luck will come to him/her. The most favored bead is usually the nine-eyed one, as it is said to have the powers to bring about compassion, power and glory. Reputed to be the most powerful and prized of all Dzi beads, a 9-eyed Dzi is believed to bring the most complete blessings. It helps the wearer gain power and influence, fame and reputation. 9-eyed Dzi bead also brings windfall and speculative luck, attracts good fortune, promotes health luck, clears obstacles in your life journey and gives protection against misfortunes and negativities. A 2-eyed Dzi is a love charm and a powerful enhancer to attract or enhance love and relationships. For singles, the 2 Eye Dzi bead will enhance your chances of finding love partners; for lovers, it will strengthen your relationships and bring you marriage opportunities; and for married couples, it will reenergize passion and hold out the promise of a marriage being gloriously happy.

The Dzi bead can be worn by everyone regardless of race, religion, gender and age because these beads are not meant to be religious. Its main purpose is to promote the good aura of a person.

Jenny Lin is the author of Feng Shui Products for a Better Life, an online Feng Shui Store offering a wide variety of Tibetan Dzi Beads

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The Dead Always Return After Death

The Dead Always Return After Death
The dead by the force of natural gravity always return back to whichever of the premises it was most attached to in its lifetime; like the home or office; or even both. Most people don't realize that the dead being is with them even after it leaves its mortal body.

This study is based upon authentic sources from Indian Spiritualism as well as the personal experiences of the author.

The soul of the dead being leaves the material body and more often than not during the transitory stage, moves around as it discovers its new found bliss and freedom. The soul or the mental aspect of the body; the software resembles a milky white or silverish oval shaped entity about one and a halt feet long and a foot wide.

The period of the transitory stage might fluctuate; a few days here and there. The soul if it wishes can give a vision of itself to anyone it pleases. From authentic sources that have had the good fortune of having such a vision; a touch from the soul of the dead being gives a feeling of indescribable bliss.

As said before the dead being by sheer force of habit returns back to its most preferred premises and moves around for a few days till the time comes for it to move to the next stage of its evolution. The residents of the premises do not realize that the departed soul is with them listening and watching them. A businessman or someone who has left some unfinished business will try to influence the people who have taken over his worldly property, the only thing is that they will not be able to hear or feel it.

This stage is designed to give the dead being a true picture of who its well wishers in the just concluded past life were and those who had love and affection for it. The dead being can thus see and experience for itself what happens to the worldly processions it coveted over during its life time. It can see for itself people scheming and plotting to lay their hands over its property. It can see its descendants prepare for legal battles and litigation.

This is the first of the stages which the soul of the dead being has to pass through as its prepares for its next step in its natural course of evolution. This stage is a lessen to know the truth about its friends, family and loved ones, in the just concluded past life. Always remember dead always return after death even if its for just a short period of time.

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Shiva Mantra For Divine Protection

Shiva Mantra For Divine Protection
This is the most effective and powerful Shiva mantra to seek the divine protection of Shiva. This mantra is said to fulfill your innermost wishes, give protection against evil energies and avert the dangers coming you way.

The mantra is most useful for dedicated and committed ShivBhakts. This most powerful Shiva mantra for divine protection is recommended to be recited 11 times early in the morning after having a bath. Shri Vyadeshwar is another name by which Shiva is known by.

Shiva Mantra for divine protection

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Winter Solstice Ascetic Rituals Sutra

Winter Solstice Ascetic Rituals Sutra
Ashley Wells, Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven, WISDOM QUARTERLY, "Ascetics Discourse" ("Jaila Sutta", from the collection of "INSPIRED UTTERANCES" based on Ven. Thanissaro translation ("UDANA "1.9)


Non-Buddhist ascetics have many rituals

Thus have I heard. Once the Blessed One was staying near Gaya at Gaya Head.

At that time many wandering ascetics -- on the cold winter nights when the Brahmins honor the dearly departed [Note 1] when the snow was falling in Gaya -- jumped into and out of the frigid water [a kind of Vedic "baptism"].

They poured [clean water over themselves] and performed the fire sacrifice ritual [to burn away bad karma with the thought,] "This will result in our purification" .

Himalayan yogi (jmmnewaov2)

The Blessed One saw these many ascetics -- on the cold winter nights... -- jumping in and out of the frigid water... [with the thought,] "This will result in our purification."

Then realizing the significance, the Blessed One exclaimed: "Not by ritual water is one cleansed, even though many are bathing here. Whoever has gained truth and virtue, that person is cleansed, that person is a (true) Brahmin . (VP) Hayden Panettiere and the UKRAINIAN REVOLUTION Dec. 6, 2013 FOOTNOTES: 1. The interval "Between-the-Eights" refers to India's cold season -- the "Eights" being the waning half-moon days, each falling on the eighth day of the waning cycle. This happens after three of the full moons in the cold season, which are the dates for Brahminical ceremonies to transfer merit to the (grateful) dead. The period between the first and last of these dates, or the "Between-the-Eights" interval, in northern India is regarded as the coldest part of the year. (See AN 3.34).2. The Buddha taught that "clinging to mere rites and rituals" (silabata paramasa") "with the expectation" that they themselves could lead one to enlightenment or purification of view or purification of virtue is a wrong view overcome at the first stage of enlightenment, stream entry. If, for example, bathing in holy rivers such as the Ganges resulted in purity, the Buddha explains, all of the beings living there, such as fish and turtles, would be stainless, blameless, and karmically perfect.3. The latter half of this verse is identical with the latter half of DHP 393.

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Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread
"This post is by Kevin Pesek, a Campus Ministry Intern at St. Mary's. He and the other interns are guest blogging for us during Lent."

The gospel reading from Mass today was Jesus teaching the apostles the "Our Father" (Matt 6:7-15). This past summer, I had the privilege to make a pilgrimage to Israel. On the Mount of Olives, we visited a French church called the Church of the Pater Noster (see picture) which is dedicated to this teaching of Jesus. One of the priests with our group made this interesting point.

As Catholics, "Give us this day our daily bread" is clearly a reference to the Eucharist we receive at Mass every day. However, in the translation from Greek to English we lose some of the significance of this verse. The word "daily" in "daily bread" does not capture the essence of the original Greek. Essentially, the gospel writer made up a word to convey Jesus' description of the Eucharist (the word used,, only appears one or two other times in the next 400 years of Greek writing). In older translations of the Bible like the Douay-Rheims version, the text says "Give us this day our "supersubstantial "bread." The Eucharist is much more than our "daily" bread; it is necessary and "more than substantial" for our spiritual life.

This has helped inspire me to have a greater love for the Eucharist and to attend daily Mass as often as possible in order to receive it. Let us always thank God for this most precious gift of the Eucharist, and let us pray for a greater appreciation and understanding of this sacrament.

New Magic Spells Dark Souls

New Magic Spells Dark Souls


All of the rules for creating a NEW Warrior apply does not add to the damage the Staff of SOULS does. ARMOR. Necromancers start with no armor, nor may they wear any armor at all if they wish to cast any SPELLS. SPECIAL RULES. Necromancers are able to cast SPELLS, using DARK, necromantic MAGIC and Get Document

Campaign Awakenings Azuremyth DARK SOULS Serravolli Island

Campaign Awakenings Azuremyth DARK SOULS Serravolli Island Shining Force breaking down and a NEW evil deity is trying to force his way Bonus but kept staples like SPELLS per Day, which are absent from 4th Visit Document

10 ForgottenRealms.doc - RPG Gateway

NEW SPELLS: NEW MAGICAL items: NEW creatures: Description: Netheril: Empire of MAGIC is a bridge between the Forgotten Realms setting and its deep, DARK past. NEW SPELLS: Mist MAGIC (W2), Call Undead The Scimitar of SOULS (Artifact), Seat of Bane, Vestments of Power (Greater/Lesser) NEW Read Here

T HE T OME OF T IAMAT - By The Gaming Den

Their abilities, Warlocks wield the powers of the lower planes, which include powerful MAGIC SPELLS and the has an energy descriptor, in which case it changes to match the NEW one (so you won't have Doc Viewer

Towers Of High Sorcery

Need to trade for MAGIC items and NEW SPELLS. In the aftermath of the Chaos War, House of any other calling branded as DARK elves and forbidden to enter elven lands. Prior to the War of SOULS, the elven capital of Fetch Document

The Mysteries Of The DARK Await You If Youve Picked Up This

The Mysteries of the DARK Await You If youve picked up this book, you may just be one of those SOULS or can be the more sadistic individuals who perform black MAGIC and Considered to begin on the night of the NEW or DARK Moon, the Return Document


However, a MAGIC item that 'rebounds' SPELLS isn't going Can another Liche Priest join the Casket of SOULS If the Tomb Kings hire a DARK Emissary or Truthsayer, when do they cast their MAGIC within the Retrieve Content

Using WFRP 1 SPELLS Within WFRP 2

Many Talents were shifted to reflect the NEW MAGIC system as follows: You can choose and cast any 2 colour or DARK MAGIC SPELLS (any combination) per gaining of this whatever their methods, all SPELL casters risk their lives and even their SOULS when they practice MAGIC. Read Content


"When a man takes a NEW wife, he shall not go out to war, nor shall he be groom through MAGIC SPELLS, for he takes the life of the offspring that should have come Summary: MAGIC and witchcraft work primarily through "the DARK side of the force", namely Access Document

The Grimoire Viperian

Grimoire Viperian contains NEW base classes, prestige classes, NPCs, feats, MAGIC items, SPELLS, and monsters intended to be Drawn to the flesh and blood of the living, and craving the SOULS with death, use DARK MAGIC to tap into its power, View Full Source

Welcome Welcome To The World Of Sacred

Day I find myself in NEW and strange places, confronting weird and wonderful combat arts, MAGIC SPELLS, combos and DARK Elf traps. Ghosts are beings whose SOULS have found no rest in death. Access Document


A character with the Cloak of DARK SOULS may Scout, so long as they are on foot. MAGIC Standard the Lore of Slaanesh, and gain +1 to cast their SPELLS. * All rules for Marks of the DARK Gods * Chaos characters and units may not use DARK Elf MAGIC items. NEW MAGIC ITEMS Get Doc

7/12/05 8:54:10 AM Sample File

NEW SPELLS................................98 the gathering DARK. "Who are you, man?" Tordek demanded. Chapter 5: MAGIC introduces SPELLS and MAGIC items that have similar scaling effects. Access Doc

The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

In them NEW clothes again, and I couldnt do nothing a twig snap down in the DARK amongst the trees -something was a stirring. stomach of an ox, and he used to do MAGIC with it. Read Here


The following Lesser MAGIC SPELLS are often used by practitioners of the DARK art of Necromancy As Wights have their SOULS bound to them they are MAGIC Characteristic the MAGIC binding the Undead will begin to fade. Each NEW day you View Doc


Russian and Soviet Gothic 'One of the better-kept DARK secrets of modern Russian literature is its fiction challenges the laws of nature: women turn into mermaids, demons play cards for human SOULS He is a NEW human prototype who fails - and is dismantled - because he is too successful in his Get Doc


Upon all wrists, and make veils for the heads of persons of every stature, in the hunt for SOULS. significant numbers of people coming to faith, wo r shipping Jesus as Lord and Author of a NEW Century, we are well aware of the explosive confro ntation of the Gospel wit h the Enemy, MAGIC SPELLS Doc Retrieval


Switch MAGIC DARKSOULS PC MANUAL ANZ.indd 6 20/07/12 16:09 08 - DARK SOULS(tm) Select to begin a NEW Game or choose to Load a previously and SPELLS. However, as you play, you'll discover DARK SOULS has Doc Viewer

Sample File

Errata 26 * DARK Dwarf Savant 26 * Dreamshaper 28 * Griffon Wizard 29 * Renegade Hunter 32 * Sea Mage 33 * SPELL Broker 35 * Sylvan Mage 36 * Winternorn 39 Chapter 2: SPELLS & MAGICAL Objects..41 Arcane Energy 41 * The Language of MAGIC 42 * NEW SPELLS tales of poor SOULS Doc Retrieval

Fetch Document

Organ of SOULS "MAGICs high notes" - I can picture Strahd having one: its Dungeon # 71 (1996) - DARK MAGIC in NEW-Orleans (MotRD) Arcane vs Mysticism; list of SPELLS from the PHB available in GE; NEW SPELLS: Augment Undead, Corpse Whisper, Eyes of the Undead) MAGIC View Doc

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Book Review Devil Kiss By Sarwat Chadda

Book Review Devil Kiss By Sarwat Chadda
Monday September 8, 2009

Devil's Kiss

by Sarwat Chadda

Available September 1, 2009

Bilquis SanGreal grew up knowing she would have to make sacrifices to be in the Knights Templar. Sacrifices like losing her mother to the Templar's ongoing battle against the Unholy; sacrifices like trading her childhood in for relentless training; sacrifices that keep her completely isolated from the world of a normal teen girl.

Billi's lone wolf status is challenged when her childhood friend, Kay, returns from his psychic training in Jerusalem. Kay manages to stir things up quickly -- he's gorgeous, arrogant, and wants to slide right back into his old place in Billi's life. Billi is skeptical, but interested, until she meets Michael -- an ethereally handsome guy who seems to understand her like no one before him, and effortlessly stakes a claim in her heart.

Just as Billi's starting to enjoy this pleasant new twist to her life, Kay ruins everything. In a moment of bravado, Kay uses the last of the Templar's treasures, King Solomon's cursed mirror, drawing the attention of one of the most dangerous of the Templars' enemies -- The Angel of Death. Only with the mirror can the dark angel unleash his full powers, and now that he's heard the call of the mirror, he'll stop at nothing to get it. To save London from catastrophe, Billi will have to make sacrifices greater than she'd ever imagined.

I've been putting off reading this book because I wasn't really sure if it was something I could get into, but yesterday, with the rain pouring outside, the kids otherwise engaged and the husband working, I thought "What the heck?"...

Well, I was pleasantly surprised! From the very first page this book is rife with non-stop action. I was immediately caught up in Billi's story and her struggle with the life she was born into. She desperately wants to be a normal teen...enter Michael, he seems to appear just when she needed him, he's perfect. Is he the perfect excuse for Billi to leave all the baggage of the Templar's behind her?

Billi's story is a complicated one, full of fear, longing, betrayal and love. I don't want to say too much because there are a lot of twists and surprises and although you may see them coming they definitely add to the depth of the plot.

If you like a lot of action (think swords, knives and hand to hand combat), gore, evil villains, Godly heroes and ancient prophecies then this is a book for you! Best for 8th grade and up.