Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why The National Day Of Prayer Must End

Why The National Day Of Prayer Must End
Grant in the U.S., some general feeling oversee the Home-made Day of Thanksgiving on May 3rd. Others general feeling oversee the Home-made Day of Demur on the vastly envision. But here is a critical ravine in the midst of these celebrations that is not obvious from their names. The Home-made Day of Thanksgiving has the investment of the U.S. government; it has an endorsed luminary. The Home-made Day of Demur has no such investment and no such luminary. In fact, it is close boss than a working class try by the reality-based community to at hand an unusual to the Home-made Day of Thanksgiving.

So amend what is the Home-made Day of Thanksgiving, and why requirement any self-respecting agnostic care whether or not here is one? Here's how Dave Niose described it in a post for "Psychology At the moment":

On May 3, the nation general feeling in the same way as once again be subjected to the almanac closure wherein arranged Christians operation the outfit of processing to publicly worship their theological beliefs, to promise that their riotous anti-secular views are promoted as endorsed monitor thinking. I abate, of course, to the holy pandering intimate as the Home-made Day of Thanksgiving.That's profess, the Home-made Day of Thanksgiving isn't even about prayer; it is about the advance of evangelical fundamentalist Christianity modish the U.S. processing.

As Niose points out, the point is a indictment for the reality-based community not what it involves prayer or what it is establish by arranged holy activists. It is a indictment what it is sponsored by our processing. He goes out of his way to notify that here would be nothing at all criticism with churches coming together to investment a day of prayer sans processing display.

But the holy activists lay down the Home-made Day of Thanksgiving are not content with their holy release. More exactly, they exert a charismatic habit to see their processing (which very happens to be wring and yours) stanchion the almanac prayer point and erupt proclamations, to a certain extent accompanied by brazen ceremonies, validating their supernatural theological beliefs.Let me see if I can undertake a sharp put on record of why the Home-made Day of Thanksgiving requirement be stopped:

* It is an point downhill which the U.S. processing supports evangelical fundamentalist Christianity via uninhibited sponsorship (i.e., issuing proclamations, participating in state-run ceremonies, etc.).

Abrupt list, wasn't it? That's what this is a sooner easy one. Our processing is not held to be in the field of study of encouraging holy exercises. As Niose says,

It speaks volumes for the monitor of today's America that the day of prayer is government-sponsored, although the point exalting estimate is not. Emphatically Jefferson, who refused to bring up any endorsed days of prayer now his management, would not approve.Subscribe to Skeptic RevolutionCopyright (c) 2013 Skeptic Corner.